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Assisting you with real estate transactions and litigation.

The purchase or sale of a home is one of the most important transactions that many people make during their lifetime. As we also focus in Land Use and Municipal law, we can assist you with all aspects of buying the home. You will can learn about the permitted uses, the local zoning, setback issues and accessory structures. Do you anticipate a home office or home occupation? Will you have a boat or RV that you want to park on site? Do you want to build a garage on the lot after you buy? Does your lot accommodate that future pool you desire? What do the potential property and zoning restrictions mean? These are issues that a local attorney versed in land use and real estate can assist you through the process. We pride ourselves that we are not just “real estate” or “closing” attorneys, we can give you more.

Columbia County, NY Real Estate Law AttorneyResidential or commercial. Landlord or tenant.

We at Fitzsimmons & Mills, P.C., represent buyers, sellers, developers and builders. We have developed relationships with bankers, brokers, inspectors and appraisers in both residential and commercial real estate and corporate transactions. We have acted as counsel in thousands of transactions and always provide prompt and cost effective, experienced, representation to our clients.

We can assist you from the start of your transaction with the review of your brokerage contract, inspections and testing results, appraisals, contract preparation and negotiation, mortgage acquisition, bank commitments, title insurance, property insurance and all of the numerous issues that arise when purchasing or selling property.

We also assist with commercial transactions that include additional issues such as surveys, environmental studies, structural inspections, land use approvals and can involve bulk sales and asset purchase agreements.

We also handle residential and commercial leasing transactions, from the negotiation of large commercial stores and sites, pad sites, commercial offices, mobile homes parks, apartment buildings and basic residential landlord and tenant leases. Our firm also handles evictions and evictions proceedings.

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